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I have worked with Christian a few times, mainly to help with long standing anxiety issue. We have worked together to help me with challenges around travel and work. Since working with him I have found a new sense of self-confidence and have noticed both my work relationships and personal relationships become increasingly healthy and fulfilling. As someone who has been committed to talking therapy for years I’m amazed that the difference just one session can make. It has been my experience that this work is able to deal with issues that can only be understood and remedied by engaging with your subconscious. I can’t recommend working with Christian enough.


Christian Huez has helped me heal myself, and tutored me, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques, which have proved invaluable to my recovery from treatment for Breast Cancer. *

His approach has contributed significantly to my sense of well being, both physically and, most noticeably, psychologically, which has led to rewards in both my personal and professional life. *

The sensitivity and intelligence Christian brings to his practice enabled me to experience significant levels of trust from the beginning of our work together. I am certain the openness this engendered brought greater levels of success in the treatment. *

He has a talent for creating a great sense of ease about his work, which makes the experience of working with him so invigorating, and uplifting. *

I cannot thank Christian enough for the bespoke approach he applied to my particular set of symptoms, which proved so very helpful at a most challenging time during a major health crisis and bereavements.

Gayle Griffiths, 44

I began sessions with Christian at a time of physical and emotional turmoil in my life. I found his approach relaxed, open and humorous and the sessions tremendously effective. *

They played a very important role in helping me to understand and resolve various issues from my past and also provided me with tools for use in the future in the form of visualisations and emotional exercises. I have a lot of respect for him as a therapist and a person. 


I am a massage therapist and have been suffering with severe eczema on my hands for 7 years. The symptoms were painful open sores, dryness, intense itching, hard dry and flaking skin. I had to severely restrict my work, giving up two practices and taking increasingly more time off. * 

I tried many different treatments including: creams, oils, steroid creams, ultra violet treatment, herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, energetic healing among others. Some seemed to help but only for a short time. * 

I was at the end of my tether and seriously considering having to give up massage when Christian suggested I try Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I agreed out of desperation, not expecting any result. * 

I've had 6 sessions and, for me, the results are nothing short of miraculous. My hands are clear and soft. I've had no itching, pain or open sores/fissures since the second session. I'm increasing my working hours and am indeed happy in my work for the first time in years. * 

With hindsight (a wonderfully useless thing) I would have tried hypnotherapy first. *

Nicholas Monks

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