Questions about cognitive hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis or trance and will I lose control?

Hypnotic trance is a state of awareness. You go in and out of it every day without even noticing. For example, when driving a car and you don’t remember the journey, or being in a meeting and being “miles away”... or being so involved in reading a book that you do not hear what the person next to you says... 

Hypnosis is no different to those naturally occurring states. It is, in fact, a state of heightened awareness. You will never lose control, say or do anything which you don’t want to.

How many sessions will I need and how long do they last?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses recent understanding of how the brain works and a modern view of trance, so it can produce results in a relatively short period of time compared to other forms of therapy.

At the first session, we’ll meet and find out about your problem state ("how you do the problem") and your solution state ("how you’d like to be instead"). 

This is essential in order to set our goals and produce an individual, tailor-made programme just for you.

Should we both decide at that point that Cognitive Hypnotherapy is not for you, I won’t charge you.

A session lasts between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours. Often, positive changes may be noticed after your second or third session.

What does a session involve?

Please watch the following video from the National Council of Hypnotherapy where a client discusses her experience with hypnotherapy. 

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