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30 minutes - £35

60 minutes - £62

90 minutes - £93

Cash and cheques are accepted. At least 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment or normal fee is payable.

Massage & EFT Testimonials


I have been visiting Christian for 18 months now, initially on recommendation from a friend of mine. As someone who spends too many hours hunched over a computer and also having a disability, I get plenty of aches and pains. Christian's massages have helped considerably.

David (60)


Dedication is the most important aspect of all of our work and Christian is the most dedicated massage therapist I know. He understands and respects hugely the human body and has helped me enormously over a good many years to carry on doing my work and living my life.

Frances de la Tour


I have had ayurvedic massages in India and Thai massage in Malaysia, but I always return home to Christian in Camberwell - his massages are excellent and my back has never felt better.

Dawn Sanders


As someone who seems to suffer from tenseness, frequently combined with back pain, sometimes brought about by physical exertions like gardening, or even getting stressed out, I have found tremendous relief from pain, following treatment by Christian.

Having great discomfort when even straightening up at times is very painful, but after a session with Christian, I have been able to walk around with very little discomfort, almost immediately afterwards. I have found that a session of Reiki, has definitely given me a more positive outlook as well as far more energy.



I found Christian's warm and professional approach very reassuring. He was very keen to make sure that he had correctly diagnosed the problem before he started any manipulation, rather than just diving in. I know from previous experience he is excellent at relaxation massage. What I liked was the concern with my overall wellbeing. Not only did he make sure that I was in a better shape when I left than when I came in, but also took the time to ensure that I had some advice and exercises I could do myself which meant I could help myself to manage the problem.

I experienced immediate relief after each treatment. It turned out the problem I had was quite complicated (one symptom masking another) but I'm sure that Christian's work helped to speed up my healing. Currently my leg is almost fully back to normal (I took his advice about taking it easy and not rushing back to pushing it too much).

Thanks Christian.

Rob M.

Marketing Development Manager

I can think of few better ways of spending an hour than being manipulated by Christian. He really is very, very good.

Simon Russell Beale


Over fifteen years of working as an actor, and until Christian started working with me, I spent far too much time and money with various chiropractors, physios, osteopaths and masseurs. My regular visits with him have kept me balanced, supple and pain free.
His approach is professional, comprehensive and most effective. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Conleth Hill


Dear Christian,

I would like to thank you for three excellent sessions of massage treatment with special attention to my ongoing neck and shoulder problems. I had felt seriously tensed and uncomfortable from extensive computer work for quite some time. Regular shoulder pain and discomfort was getting worse.

It was amazing how easily you allocated the areas which caused the problem and managed to ease my rather cramped muscles with great care. Not only could I feel the tension getting better from session to session, I also noticed that I was able to do my work more relaxed in the days between. I particularly liked the way you explained everything and didn't just rush through the treatment. I therefore learnt a lot about what I was doing wrong when I sit at my desk and how I can prevent such injuries in the future. I am pain-free now and knock-on-wood it stays like this.

I will try to keep up with the useful exercises you showed me. Thanks again.

Nadja v. M.

Web Developer

Dear Christian,

Thank you for my recent series of treatments for lower back pain.

I found the treatment very effective in immediate reduction of tension in the area as you worked on the individual muscles that were tight. The section of the treatment where you applied steady pressure to the muscle until I felt relief from the pain seemed particularly effective.

On a more medium term basis, the stretches you recommended to keep the area from becoming tight seem to be working and I have not experienced any return of the problem.


Michael H

IT Consultant

Working at the National Theatre in what is principally a sedentary post, I have found regular sessions with Christian to be invaluable, not only in relieving tensions in my neck and back, but in terms of general well-being and de-stressing. The hour-long session, holistic in its approach, benefits my general relaxation, helping me sleep and improving my energy levels. I would highly recommend it.

Padraig Cusack

Head of Planning

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

The session had quite an impact on me. I feel profoundly relaxed, calm and at ease with myself - something rarely experienced! You definitely have amazing skills.

I would be interested in doing some more work with you particularly around finding mechanisms to relax and be more in touch with my body rather than operating solely in my head. I will be in contact next time I am in London.
In the meantime thanks again.


University Professor

Just a short note as I want to say thank you for the EFT sessions. Facing my phobia and trying to cure it was never something I had seriously considered, but I am glad I had the 3 x sessions with you as they definitely have had a positive effect.

I had the phobia for well over 35 years and was terrified of birds (pigeons in particular). I had never heard of EFT and wasn’t sure as to what I should expect to gain, but I feel even after just one session my life changed with regards to my bird phobia.

On Sunday, I had to get past a group of pigeons to get into my car. I was ok with them, they were eating birdseed and fighting and flapping to get to the food so weren’t bothered about me. In fact I actually stood quite near them just staring at them.


...It has been an incredible summer. I feel as if my outlook has changed on so many things, not just my Asthma. The memories and feeling that had such a powerful hold over me, my old school, fear of no living up to expectations, have all gone. The hardest thing for me to accept about EFT was, that a technique that seems to fit very well with emotional issues could have an impact on what I believed was a medical problem. Now I see that differently. I hardly have to take my inhalers now...


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