Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotherapy (CHT) is a unique therapy. It draws from the most effective elements of a variety of therapy practices and applies them during therapy. It believes that the therapist’s role is not to come up with answers, only questions that guide the client to finding his or her own answers.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy does not believe that depth of trance is a significant factor in the success of a suggestion or technique. Instead, it uses the client’s natural trance states (like you experience when driving and can’t remember the journey, or been in a meeting and you were “miles away”) to assist in uncovering the feelings, thoughts and memory patterns that led to the problem, and which continue to maintain it.

In CHT, we seek to identify the primary or process emotion that generates the automatic thought and change it. Finding the emotional root of a problem has a deeper impact than changing the thoughts that communicate it.

Hypnotic suggestions are intended to disrupt the process that brings those thoughts into life. These indirect suggestions are built from the words, thoughts and expressions, the client uses when describing both their problem and solution state.

In CHT we call this wordweaving™, a style of communication developed and taught by the internationally recognised Trevor Silvester, the founder of The Quest Institute.

Compared to direct/authoritarian hypnotherapy CHT uses mainly indirect suggestions where there are fewer chances that they get rejected by the conscious mind.

Many traditional therapists use a one-size fits all approach irrespective of your background, reasons for change or motives for seeking help. No two people with a fear of public speaking or lack of self-confidence are the same. With that in mind, the same approach is likely to have limited impact.

Everyone is unique and so is their experience of their problem. As a Quest trained professional, I will identify your unique patterns or thoughts and emotions of your issue and create a personal and bespoke treatment plan just for you to help you achieve any needs or goals using the very latest scientifically driven ideas and techniques.

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