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Holistic Massage – Therapeutic Massage

Based on Swedish Massage, Christian focuses working with the body as a whole and therefore working with the cause of a problem rather than focussing on symptoms. Each person is seen as an individual who has different needs physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Holistic Massage can help to restore a person’s state of balanced health on all of these levels. Therapeutic Massage can be relaxing or invigorating and depending you your needs it can vary between light and deep pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage
is a technique used in Sports Massage and aimed to reach deeper layers of the muscle using greater pressure, friction and movements going across the muscle fibres to release muscle tension, break down scar-tissue and adhesions.

Massage integrated with Reiki
will be a deeply relaxing experience accompanied by a sense of calm, warmth and well-being.

At your initial treatment
you will be asked briefly about your medical history, lifestyle and general state of health, including any current medication. This is important for a safe and efficient holistic treatment.


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  • 30 minutes - £30
  • 60 minutes - £55
  • 90 minutes - £80

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